Review by MacabreEternal for Of Feather and Bone - Sulfuric Disintegration (2020) Review by MacabreEternal for Of Feather and Bone - Sulfuric Disintegration (2020)

MacabreEternal MacabreEternal / November 23, 2020 / 0

Of Feather and Bone's unrelenting approach to death metal first crossed my path with their sophomore full-length Bestial Hymns of Perversion back in 2018.  Bestial by name and bestial by nature the album felt oppressive but lacked focus; like it was blasting for blasting's sake so to speak.  With album number three the trio appear to have managed to better keep a lid on things.  The album is still batshit crazy in places but there is also a measured pace to most tracks that allow expansion as well as much needed respite.

With riffs that mine the very ground around them and a percussion section that does a nice job of clearing any debris from their fallout, the band show versatility in being able to chug it out when necessary as opposed to relying on sheer face-shredding intensity to deliver their point.  There's grindcore in here for good measure along with a definite blackened edge to proceedings to give the whole sound a swarming yet also at times cavernous delivery.

The vocals are of the sickened, guttural variety that just hint at a black metal style around the edges to mix things up in that department also.  Like the album artwork there's a constant sense of activity, of endless depravity and unyielding horror.  The lead work when deployed is chaotic and lightning quick, adding just enough sonic input to show these guys have heard their fair share of Morbid Angel records in their time.

It is a furious affair still, despite the obvious effort to pair it back a bit from the previous release but the sense of urgency simply compels you to listen on and learn more.  Perhaps one more record away from truly achieving their ultimate balance, Of Feather and Bone are definitely on the right trajectory.

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