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MacabreEternal MacabreEternal / January 24, 2019 / 0

The Scorps had been around for thirteen years by the time they got around to album number five.  They had only been knocking out recorded content for five years of that time, consistently gracing the shelves of record stores since on a near annual basis since 1972.  After the controversial Virgin Killer in 1976 the band dropped Taken By Force twelve months later with the US version being delayed until 1978 as the previous record had only been released in early 1977.  It is a complete anomaly to consider the band a metal band at this stage, there sound was very much at the rock edge of things and offered little in the way of anything heavy for sure.

Although there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the album it is hardly chock full of anthems like Lovedrive or Blackout for example.  As a result it just passes you by and you soon forget you ever played it at all really.  There is a real feel of them settling for some good tunes and ideas but never really building on them to provide any "wow" factor.  Yes, there's a couple of hooks here and there and the odd catchy riff that gets me to look up from my desk but I am soon back beavering away with little if any attention being given to the music.

For a band at album number five I expected more to be honest, certainly one that had been together for over a decade.  My experience of the Scorpions was that they peaked early in the 80's and really should have had a stronger run in to that point in time instead of almost petering out of the course of two or three records.  There's tracks here in a style any fan will recognise as they deliver smoochy ballads and tongue in cheek energetic rock songs like He's A Woman - She's A Man that harks to the more humorous side of the group.  But still there's little here to get overexcited about. 

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