Review by Vinny for Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations (1980) Review by Vinny for Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations (1980)

Vinny Vinny / December 23, 2018 / 0

Stourbridge's finest made an entrance into the NWOBHM sphere way back in 1980.  Their debut album Lightning to the Nations had its fair share of classics to share with the fledgling metal community of the time.  Tracks such as Am I Evil, Helpless and the lurid Sucking My Love all got heads nodding and feet tapping respectfully along tho their catchy chorus' and infectious riffs.  Metallica famously covered Am I Evil adding to its value as a metal anthem.

The fact is though that beyond the "hits" the debut album was a tad flat.  Even the title track struggles to stand up that well for me and the album seems to feel like a track heavy EP as opposed to a full length.  The intention is all good but it is just not delivered that well in the main.  The barking and groovy riff to Sweet & Innocent isn't good enough to build a whole track around and it just becomes annoying really quickly.

The snappy guitar style on It's Electric again doesn't have the repute to hold for the whole track and naff lyrics just make for a boring and repetitive track.  Throughout much of the album though, songs are saved somewhat by the sublime lead work of Brian Tatler who remains one of the unsung heroes of guitar playing in the world of 80's metal.  His solos are a notch above most of everything else that is on the album here.  Everything is solid enough but also a bit drab in comparison.

Barring Tatler and Sean Harris' warbling vocals there's not much else to remember here from a decidedly average release that gets way too much attention and plaudits when compared to the finished product.

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