Review by Sonny for Blessed Death - Destined for Extinction (1987) Review by Sonny for Blessed Death - Destined for Extinction (1987)

Sonny Sonny / November 24, 2019 / 0

Blessed Death's second album is rough and ready thrash with speed metal influences. It certainly isn't the most technically adept nor original thrash albums you'll ever hear, but what it does have in spades is an infectious enthusiasm that is second to none. A significant number of the tracks clock in at less than three minutes and are belted out like Slayer on angel dust.
The factor that may be a problem for a number of people is vocalist Larry Portelli who's performance is insane, from the deepest of growls to the highest of shrieks sometimes without warning. However, I found his vocal performance strangely endearing, as if you can tell that he was really putting his heart and soul into it. You can just picture him completely losing his shit on stage and giving it his absolute all. It's a shame the band aren't better known, especially considering how well-regarded several less passionate outfits are.

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