Review by Ded Bolt for Trouble - Simple Mind Condition (2007) Review by Ded Bolt for Trouble - Simple Mind Condition (2007)

Ded Bolt Ded Bolt / January 17, 2019 / 0

Wow, 12yrs has done nothing to derail this band. Trouble sound as fresh and vibrant as they did during their peak! This fabulous "comeback" album picks up right where "Plastic Green Head" ended, albeit with tighter production and a cleaner sound. Considering that Trouble's sludgy sound is one of the key factors that brought them legions of fans over the years, the sonics of this album may not please the diehards. If we're talking about performances and songwriting, well, then most fans will be VERY pleased with this exceptional release.

Despite earlier concerns, Eric Wagner's vocal chops are DEAD ON. "Mind Bender" gets my vote for album standout with an opening riff that beckons "Hair of the Dog". The track just oozes creepy cool. "After the Rain" is another solid cut, much in the vein of "The Misery Shows". In fact, the lyrical content of the track sounds clearly like a continuation of "Misery". 

"Simple Mind Condition" is a brilliant addition to Trouble's repertoire of doom laden genius. Bottom line...I LOVE this album.

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