Review by Daniel for Vomitor - Devils Poison (2010) Review by Daniel for Vomitor - Devils Poison (2010)

Daniel Daniel / September 27, 2019 / 0

I decided to check out Vomitor after reading the 9/10 Album Of The Month review in Terrorizer magazine. I'm also Australian & was curious to see what type of band was flying our flag so strongly on the global metal market. What I got was not really what I expected. "Devil's Poison" shows Vomitor putting every effort in to sound like an early 80s underground death/thrash demo. I was a tape trader in the 80s so I am very familiar with this sound. "Devils Poison" reminds me very much of some of the early Brazilian underground death metal like Sepultura's "Bestial Devastation" & some of the early Sarcofago EPs as well as early thrash metal like Slayer's "Show No Mercy". However the production on show here is probably worse than any of those releases. The guitar sound is very thin indeed & the vocals are far too far back in the mix. The delay applied to the vocals is also way over the top & is pretty pointless in my opinion as it stops the listener from being able to pick up any of the lyrics. In fact, I'm sometimes left wondering if I'm hearing any vocals at all. The musicianship is absolutely atrocious! I've never heard a proper release where the band goes out of time as badly as Vomitor have here. It really sounds more like a rehearsal tape than an album but I figure this was probably intentional. I'm sure the band had fun making this album but I simply can't understand the praise it is receiving in the press. I don't think "Devil's Poison" would've made any major impact if it was released in 1984. Finally..... who really wants to be known as Vomitor?

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