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Vinny Vinny / August 03, 2022 / Comments 0 / 0

Icelandic black metal. The sound of dissonant fury and endless, bone-shattering winter lit up by the insomnia-inducing midnight sun. The maddening gait of Misþyrming (meaning “abuse” or “mistreatment”) that borders somewhere between melodic black metal, and some not-quite post elements is a pleasure to behold in the right mood. Seemingly endless in those rolling, repetitive and luxuriously grim riffs, Algleymi offers a stark listening experience that constructs a minimalist aesthetic with a light sheen of polish to provide some real defined edges.

The drums on here are really understated and this works well. Although most certainly there, I find I feel them more than I hear them and in doing so I can focus on the guitar and vocal work more easily. Comparisons with Furia are inevitable if you listen to those vocals when coupled with that chaotic maelstrom of guitars that break into almost catchy rhythms or melodic passages to temper the albums busier tempos.

Unafraid to experiment, Misþyrming drop in some random death/proto-surf rock instrumental in the middle of the album which manages to create its own little reflective atmosphere in the running order. However, for the most part this is an album of diving and driving guitars that swoop like birds of prey on the listener as the bass hums along in its insect-like expressions. Like the drums, the bass is understated yet at the same time remains a key contributor, an element that you somehow do not have to hear clearly in the mix to understand that it still carries a presence.

There is certainly more here than just tremolos and blast beats to contend with. Atmospheres and the production job overall allude to some muted grandiosity that is constantly being measured and kept in check so as to not ruin what is a consistent and addictive eight track release.  Worth mentioning that this has taken a few listens for it to eventually land with me and there have been periods of months often between listens in all honesty but the determination has paid off.


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