Reviews list for Sadist - Season in Silence (2010)

Season in Silence

The first thing presented to the listener when confronted by this sixth album from Italian death metallers Sadist is the extraordinary front cover. Who the hell thought an evil snowman was a good idea? I cannot comprehend this but let's see if I can let the music do the talking. I have not heard anything from Sadist for a number of years now but I am not really surprised by the musical direction they have taken with "Season In Silence". As usual their sound is based around techniciality with the musical prowess fairly obvious right from the start. I have always felt that Sadist lacked a bit of balls & that is again the case here. I feel that this release will probably appeal more to the progressive fans more than the death metal fans for that reason. Everything is very well put together with a very strong Atheist & Dream Theater influence throughout. Not a bad release but tends to drift past fairly uneventfully without the drive necessary to really get me going.

Daniel Daniel / September 09, 2019 12:47 PM