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Shadowdoom9 (Andi) Shadowdoom9 (Andi) / June 27, 2024 / Comments 0 / 0

When I was listening to Gothminister's grand masterpiece Pandemonium, little did I know, they actually had a part 2 in the works. A few singles started coming out just a year after the release of Pandemonium, and one of them got the band into Eurovision 2024. Gothminister wasn't the only gothic industrial metal band to participate in Eurovision, with Lord of the Lost coming in last year with the title track for their own album Blood & Glitter.

And now, the Pandemonium story grows, with Pandemonium II: The Battle of the Underworlds! Bjorn Alexander Brem, Eirik Oien, Glenn Nilsen, Ketil Eggum, and Christian Svendsen are back onboard with this sequel that's worth the short one and a half year wait.

Opening with uplifting ethereal strings is the title track that becomes a true anthem of war, as the guitar/keyboard majesty is accompanied by the vocals of Bjorn and a female vocalist (Sandra Jensen?) to add to the theatricality. An epic beginning! Continuing the assault is "We Live Another Day" in which negative-sounding music battles against motivational lyrics as the drums pound hard. "Creepy Shadows" has heaviness creeping out the atmosphere while having a dance-happy chorus. "One Dark Happy Nation" continues the perfect contrast that shall work well live. Catchy melodies and simple rhythms collide with each other that sounds quite dark but at the same time happy. That kind of blend is so unique in many ways!

The angsty "I am the Devil" is another solid highlight in which the riffs march along. "The Procession" is an interlude that would fit well in a sci-fi horror film. "I Will Drink Your Blood" has explosive energy and more prominent symphonics. "Aftermath" is one more horror-filled interlude with the synth-strings of their earlier albums.

After that, "Tonight" has more violent atmosphere while still remaining a singalong composition. Keyboards are more noticeable in "We are the Heroes" while the other members have their heavy fire. "Monostereo Creature" has some more of that fury, though the music is mostly mystical. "We Come Alive" is the catchy final track, and the song the band performed in Eurovision. You'll definitely wanna sing along to this!

Mysterious keyboards and riffs and motivating lyrics make you remember Gothminister's place in the gothic industrial metal scene. Those compositions might just enhance the band's live shows, and anyone listening to them can experience this journey through the Underworlds!

Favorites: "Battle of the Underworlds", "One Dark Happy Nation", "I am the Devil", "I Will Drink Your Blood", "We are the Heroes", "We Come Alive"


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