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Shadowdoom9 (Andi) Shadowdoom9 (Andi) / May 15, 2024 / Comments 0 / 0

I used to listen to Parasite Inc. when I was still into the more melodic bands before switching to the heavier modern ones. After I made that grand move months before the release of their sophomore album Dead and Alive, I forgot all about that band. Fast forward to just a week before this review, when I found out that they switched to a cyber-ish industrial metal direction in their 3rd album. I was shocked. Shocked! ...Well, not that shocked. But I wasn't gonna put it down right away, I'm too open-minded for that.

This German band consisting of frontman Kai Bigler, guitarist Dominik Sorg, bassist Lucien Mosesku, and drummer Benjamin Stelzer, had already unleashed two melodeath offerings since forming in 2007. How well have they done in 3rd album Cyan Night Dreams despite this sudden idea of adding dreamy synthwave to their sound? Well...

The haunting intro "Lithium" already hints at those ethereal synths. Then the destructive melodeath strikes in "I Am" with solid melodies, rhythms, and vocals front and center. The violence burns through a chorus of epic melancholy and speed. The riff-wrath continues in the heavy "First Born". Hypnotic leads sound interesting when mixed together with the vicious screams. The catchy title track is where the synthwave night begins to shine. The clean singing is very effective. A fantastic example of their new direction!

"In False Light" is all about the band's earlier aggression. The wild riff rhythms are in smooth contrast with the softer sections. "Osmium" is another haunting interlude. The raging march of "Follow the Blind" has more in common with metalcore, which is actually perfect for the headbanging crowd.

"Under Broken Skies" is more modern and accessible while staying heavy. Then "Into Destruction" is a solid melodeath track with more of the devastating blasts. The anthemic choruses allow the clean vocals to make themselves at home. "When All is Said" is the album's closing track and the most synthwave-ish track here. But the modern heaviness is still around as expected and ends it all perfectly.

Who knew synthwave and melodeath can go well together in a catchy blend? I certainly didn't before encountering this album. Don't let the electronics in Cyan Night Dreams turn you off. Let them mesmerize you in your dreams....

Favorites: "I Am", "Cyan Night Dreams", "Follow the Blind", "Into Destruction", "When All is Said"


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