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Shadowdoom9 (Andi) Shadowdoom9 (Andi) / April 15, 2024 / Comments 0 / 0

Since 2017's Mesmer, Northlane has travelled through the alt-metal realm with gradually withering emphasis on their metalcore roots and taking on cyber/industrial metal territory in albums Alien and Obsidian. At the point of this EP, Mirror's Edge, Northlane can be considered more of an alt-metal band with some of their mid-2010s djent, and that's an accurate description for the EP, and then some...

The band went to Victoria’s Yarra Valley to find some creative inspiration and overcome their struggles. It is quite a journey to add more to their stylistic journey! The EP has new elements to go with what they've done earlier, to please fans old and new.

The title intro builds up in synths to lead into the oncoming action of the next track. "Afterimage" is filled with variety, helped out by guest singing from Ian Kenny (Karnivool). That gives the track a more rock-ish vibe while still unleashing the usual heavy attack. "Miasma" has that Obsidian-like blend of electronics and metal, along with another guest vocalist, Parkway Drive's Winston McCall with his own destructive breakdown. "Let Me Disappear" lets rip more of the modern metal greatness. Former bassist and Structures guitarist/vocalist screams his way through the synth-powered "Kraft". Finally, "Dante" has broader electronics while letting it all flow well.

All in all, Mirror's Edge has some amazing fun that can give new fans a nice treat and longtime fans what they want to hear. This is high-quality usage of electronics and metal together. The guest vocalists are quite helpful with the EP's variety. This might be the beginning of the band's next generation!

Favorites: "Afterimage", "Miasma", "Let Me Disappear"


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