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Shadowdoom9 (Andi) Shadowdoom9 (Andi) / November 14, 2023 / Comments 0 / 0

Till Lindemann, the leader of Neue Deutsche Härte kings Rammstein, first decided to go solo during the band's hiatus. Rammstein prefer to be a whole band rather than just different members. Whenever one of the members takes a break, the other would too. Guitarist Richard Kruspe has his own side-project Emigrate since 2005. Lindemann later had his own side-project with Peter Tagtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) and opened his boundaries further. While Kruspe took on more of an alt-rock/industrial metal direction with his secondary band, Lindemann expanded his NDH roots with modern heaviness to go with his suggestive lyrical matter. It's like those two guys each had their own sound in which, connected together, form their main band's popular sound...

The truth is, I haven't really gotten the appeal of this NDH/industrial rock/metal triangle. Despite that, I managed to check out some of Lindemann's heavy yet infectious work in Rammstein's new album Zeit and a few other songs by Rammstein and Lindemann. Of all the albums Lindemann has made, the only one in which the majority of it is in English is Skills in Pills. I wasn't initially interested in checking out his new album Zunge (Tongue), but considering how much I like Zeit, I decided to give it a shot. This is his 3rd solo album, but it's not part of the Lindemann project. He's gone completely solo, under his full name, partly soiled by abuse allegations towards him earlier this year.

The title opener is an excellent throwback to Rammstein and Lindemann, almost as if he wrote for either one of those projects. "Sport Frei" (Sport Free) also has that classic Rammstein sound with its industrial verses and chorus. "Altes Fleisch" (Old Flesh) might reminds some more of CKY in the guitar groove. "Ubers Meer" (Over the Sea) has great synth melodies to make you nostalgic for the 80s.

"Du Hast Kein Herz" (You Don't Have a Heart) doesn't sound like a certain Rammstein hit that the first half of this song's title is identical to, but it works as a great Rammstein flashback anyway. Another favorite of mine, "Tanzlehrerin" (Dance Teacher), a beautiful flamenco-style ballad. It's a well-done standout that doesn't have to be as hammering the other tracks to have you dancing along. Next song "Nass" (Wet) continues the hilarious yet heavy blend of metal guitars and baritone vocals with slight abrasion. "Alles Für Die Kinder" is so weird yet dreamy, mixing dubstep synths with light piano and children's background noises. You know Lindemann's signature odd experimentation.

"Schweiss" (Sweat) is ominous while often having deep emotion. I really like "Lecker" (Yummy), which has gigantic synths and grooves as Lindemann shines in melody and occasional raspy vocals that he has been using recently. The narcissistic piano ballad "Selbst Verliebt" (Self-Love) is OK. And even the hidden track "Rodel" (Toboggan) that parodies German pop hits is quite fun in some degree.

From the moment I've heard Till's unique voice, I knew Zunge would have some solidness. He managed to continue the Rammstein sound without being too restrained. He can make strong bombastic writing with his main band's sound as its base. It can be ridiculous while still being ferocious. And that's what to expect from the most famous (and infamous) man of NDH....

Favorites: "Zunge", "Sport Frei", "Du Hast Kein Herz", Tanzlehrerin", "Nass", "Lecker"


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