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None So Conflicted

Did we really need a return of Cryptopsy? I don't ever remember hearing much clammer for a comeback from this band in the same way that I have for other metal bands in recent years. Once a staple in the world of brutal death metal, Cryptopsy starting showing signs of weakness at the turn of the century, but continued to pump out very forgettable death metal albums until the bands self titled album in 2012.

So it's been over a decade and with that kind of layover you would think Cryptopsy might try try something different with their newest album, As Gomorrah Burns. Well here's the thing: they didn't. Even by my very low standards when it comes to brutal death metal, I can sense that this is an inferior quality record and was not worth wasting an iconic name such as Cryptopsy by association.

It's really painful to hear "Godless Deceiver" and "In Abeyance" and wonder why the mixing on this record is so lousy, even though the band has been given a 2020s coat of paint. The guitar riffing is so damn muddy and much of the percussion work is exactly the same. Now maybe some listeners won't mind as much since even the earliest Cryptopsy albums were very sloppy, almost like first draft performances, but when the chugging guitar riffs clip the mix, it sounds even more amateur than normal.

If their is one thing that As Gomorrah Burns does have going for it, it's the vocals. Those always turned out to be the least enjoyable part of None So Vile since it generally turned into an inaudible mess. Here, they are performed with some diction and syllables can be recognized without having to consult a lyric book. Even still, they don't have a lot of variety in their execution so they once again turn into background noise; not a huge deal since Cryptopsy are not known for their intelligent lyrical genius. This means the instrumentals have to do some heavier lifting, which comes with its own set of problems. 

I know my mileage with brutal death metal is limited, but even I know what Cryptopsy is and what they have become. As Gomorrah Burns turned out to be a very weak addition to the bands late catalogue and doesn't even have Dying Fetus' cleaner performances to help it out. I mean, maybe if you like the more punk aesthetic of hardcore, brutal death metal, you might get a kick out of this, but you can do way better than Cryptopsy in 2023.

Best Songs: Lascivious Undivine, Flayed The Swine


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