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Saxy S Saxy S / September 13, 2023 / Comments 0 / 0

Yeah I know: cue the whole "Brutal Death Metal ain't my thing" monologue that I've spewed many times on this website, but I'm always open to exploring outside of my comfort zone. Perhaps it is not the smartest idea for me to begin my exploration of this subgenre with a band as complicated as Dying Fetus. The bands 2012 album Reign Supreme is currently featured in one of the Horde clan challenges and are widely regarded as one of modern metal's best example's of the subgenre.

And certainly following the bands previous studio album, Wrong One to Fuck With, the band are much more technical with their song structures rather than employing blistering tempos for an entire album. They seem to have pulled back on the relentlessness here (as if the more modest album title was not enough of a hint), and it does give the album a little bit of extra life...not much, but it's a start.

Because of its more tech-death leanings, Make Them Beg for Death is a much cleaner album than any previous Dying Fetus album I've ever heard (which isn't much mind you). Every note being played by the guitars and percussion is accented with precision and purpose. It almost makes the album feels mechanical at times; perhaps part of the point. I thought the reason it was called "technical" death metal is because it did not sound like a human could play it with such precision. Bands like Allegaeon have this occur a lot, but where those two bands differ is in the songwriting. While Allegaeon use tech-death to compliment melodic leads, Dying Fetus only have the tech-death precision.

I would imagine for some, the cleaner production would be a major turn-off for the more true death metal fans. On the other hand, this quasi pivot towards tech-death/progressive metal might not be received well either, since the record's relentless nature leaves very little room to breather either for the listener, or the performers. I see myself comfortably falling into the latter of those two descriptors. The cleaner mix is an interesting choice and does make for a more enjoyable listen than other Dying Fetus albums, but my progressive background leaves me feeling like I'm being suffocated. Perhaps that the point, but the result might not be the same as what the band intended.

Best Songs: Feast Of Ashes, Unbridled Fury, Raised In Victory/Razed In Defeat


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