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Shadowdoom9 (Andi) Shadowdoom9 (Andi) / June 13, 2024 / Comments 0 / 0

I've totally forgotten about this one-off side-project by MC Raaka Pee of Turmion Katilot. He continues his vocal talents here with co-vocalist HC CSD (Linda Karhu), and several different vocalists with their own contributions...

2 Times Terror continues the techno-industrial metal of Turmion Katilot. While many of the lyrics are in Finnish, some English lyrics are added to the writing. They have the skills to appeal to fans of dance music or metal or both. It is the vocal aggression of MC Raaka Pee that makes it clear that listeners are hearing the dance-y sounds of Turmion Katilot in a different side-project.

Already making use of Turmion Katilot's roots in the opening "D.E.A.D." They know how to make electronic rhythms like The Berzerker but without any speed-grind. What's different compared to Turmion Katilot is the use of female vocals. All in all, we have an excellent piece of electro-metal with both male and female vocals. A well-done example of opposites attract! "Lust" sounds like it has some leftover electronics from Waltari's Space Avenue. The Finnish lyrics in "Kuoleman Kehdossa" (In the Cradle of Death) are a bit unclear, though they work out fine. "Forever Mine" sounds so cool with the drop C tuned riffing of metalcore bands like Atreyu, Of Mice & Men, Phinehas, and Shadows Fall, while strictly being the album's usual techno-industrial metal.

The title track has slower melody. "Maailman Tuomari" (Judge of the World) is less melodic in the chorus, though it has intriguing Rammstein vibes. Next up, "Metalorgy" is a great standout. The riffing from USCH! is mixed together with higher screamed vocals to add more uniqueness to the vocal stylings of MC Raaka Pee with catchy surprises. The only song to surpass that is "Ikävässä Paikassa" (In a Bad Place) which is a high-quality climatic piece of dance-metal. The keyboards and guitars are in perfect union. It may be too accessible for pure metalheads, but it absolutely rules!

"Vaateet" (Clothing) is a dance-y cover of a song by Finnish punk rocker Maukka Perusjätkä, helped out by Maukka himself. "Vielä Joskus" (Sometimes Again) is a great track that should've ended up in a Turmion Katilot album. I probably would love this track more if the lyrics were in English and they did not have the bridge with the baby noises before the final chorus. The bonus remix of "Forever Mine" is pretty nice, though it can't beat the original.

All in all, the sole album by 2 Times Terror is filled with catchy accessible techno-industrial metal for anyone wanting to hear metal mixed with EDM. As great as it is though, this is around the time when Turmion Katilot are at a lower quality than their many of their surrounding albums, as you can hear in Perstechnique from the following year....

Favorites: "D.E.A.D.", "Forever Mine", "Metalorgy", "Ikävässä Paikassa", "Vielä Joskus"

Max_Grean Max_Grean / June 11, 2024 / Comments 0 / 0

Meh - Basic. Not a fan of the ton choices. Mix is fairly muddy, Angsty teens probably like it. 
The problem with modern tech is that most anyone can cut a record and release it now. A good 20 years into it and we get flooded with mediocrity like this.
This would be much better with better ton choices and arranging. As it stands... Meh, decent, but not worth a second listen  


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