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Sonny Sonny / October 09, 2023 / Comments 0 / 0

I enjoyed Jag Panzer's debut, Ample Destruction, but it's follow-up, Dissident Alliance, seems to have been universally panned, so I went into The Fourth Judgement unsure what to expect. What I got was a fairly mundane USPM album. There are some decent riffs on here, hell a couple are even genuinely killer and the solos aren't too shoddy either, but everything else screams mediocrity. I don't like the vocals much. Sure, there are plenty of power metal singers I dislike more, but Harry Conklin's style, whilst not grating as much as some, does very little for me either. The production robs the rhythm section of any authority and contributes heavily to the mundanity of the release as a whole.

The Fourth Judgement is a release that feels like it lacks any passion, aggression or exhilharation that is the cornerstone of heavy and power metal. There isn't even very much pomp and circumstance, that I'm not personally a big fan of, but which would at least lend it some fist-pumping energy. A damp squib for me overall, to be honest, but the guitar work, particularly a few of the riffs, is good enough to allow me to bump it up to a more respectable score.


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The Fourth Judgement
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