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From First to Last is a band with a few members that have been part of more well-known projects. Rhythm guitarist/unclean vocalist Travis Richter left the band to join The Human Abstract but came back when that band went on hiatus and From First to Last ended theirs. For this album Dead Trees, the band brought in Spencer Sotelo as lead vocalist, a position held on to for the band's first two albums by Sonny Moore, A.K.A. dubstep superstar Skrillex.

Dead Trees brings back the earlier post-hardcore sound, this time heavier and getting close to djent. That and the more melodic aspects gives the album a melodic metalcore direction. Spencer's well-done vocals are a perfect fit here, and I enjoy them as greatly as his work with Periphery...

"Heresy" is a mysterious one-minute intro with its epic orchestral synths sounding almost like they're leftover from a Powerwolf album. Then you get hit by two minutes of killer metallic hardcore "Straight to the Face". The theatrical heaviness continues in "H8 Meh". Then we have one of two singles in the title track, and it's a perfect metallic throwback to the mid-2000s post-hardcore scene embraced by From First to Last and other similar bands.

"I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good" really takes on the theatrical antics of Ice Nine Kills while Spencer expands his vocal range as much as he had in Periphery's Juggernaut series from that year. "Black and White" is worth listening to as the band fire away with their blend of heaviness and melody. "Back to Hannalei" is a softer ballad, not too far off from the softer tracks of Bring Me the Horizon at that time. "Never in Reverie" exemplifies the more metallic side that reminds me of Bullet for My Valentine and Oh Sleeper, and that I'm definitely up for.

That heavier side continues once again in "2 11". Then "Electrified" has the catchy dance-y pace of Electric Callboy but none of that band's trance-y synths. "I Don’t Wanna Live in the Real World" is another acoustic ballad to wrap up this offering. For the earlier fans, the bonus re-recordings are a successful treat altogether, "Note to Self", "Ride the Wings of Pestilence", and "The Latest Plague". OK, the third one is not as awesome the previous two, but they all still work well.

Dead Trees is the comeback album From First to Last fans need! Well, a couple tracks I don't totally need, but the rest is still great. And as amazing as Spencer sounds there, let's hope the band can make another album in the future with more of Sonny Moore's vocals....

Favorites: "Straight to the Face", "Dead Trees", "I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good", "Black and White", "Never in Reverie", "Note to Self", "Ride the Wings of Pestilence"


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Dead Trees
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