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Ben Ben / April 29, 2019 / Comments 0 / 1

I'm a big fan of Nocturnus' debut album The Key. It's mixture of sci fi elements and technically awesome musicianship made for an incredibly unique listening experience. I purchased Thresholds expecting an even better album, but while it's enjoyable, that hasn't turned out to be the case. It's hard to describe why this album doesn't work as well as The Key, particularly as it has mostly the same ingredients in place along with the same flaws.

I guess firstly, the production is really lacking. Everything sounds a bit weak and it really could have done with a crunchier, clearer sound. Mike Browning is still the weakest link with his one-dimensional drumming and average vocals not bringing much excitement with them. But that was the case on The Key as well, yet McNenney and Davis' guitar riffs and leads were just so awesome, and Panzer's keyboard work so atmospheric, that Browning wasn't album to bring the whole thing down. On Thresholds, these musicians are still present and still doing their thing nicely, but somehow the excitement level and atmosphere just isn't there. Tracks like Tribal Vodoun and Arctic Crypt are great but can't come close to classics like Lake of Fire and Destroying the Manger.

All up a bit disappointing, but still a decent technical death metal album with a science fiction spin and some great leads. It's a shame Nocturnus could never meet the quality of their debut. It's so surprising how many bands fail to do so. I guess they run out of passion and creativity or maybe it's the debilitating power of expectation.


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