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Sonny Sonny / June 19, 2020 / Comments 1 / 1

The black metal equivalent of Enya or an insufferable new age music CD that bored suburbanites play whilst doing fucking Pilates or some such shit. I can't even imagine who it's aimed at because those types wouldn't be able to stand the shrieking and black metal fans should hate everything else about it. I can smell the sandalwood and see the life-energy emitting crystals from here. Is this really where black metal has ultimately ended up. I thought that KFC ad was bad, but this is just ridiculous. I'm glad I listened to it at work, because if it had been in my own time I would have been REALLY mad! The one star is for the cover, by the way.

Daniel Daniel / August 24, 2022 / Comments 0 / 0

This one is a really interesting one that's worthy of a bit of discussion. On the one hand this release is so obviously not a metal release in that if you took the black metal vocals away (which only appear on half of the tracklisting) you would essentially have a conventional New Age record, albeit one that seems to be very much intended for the black metal audience. On the other hand though, those vocals could only be found on a black metal release & some of this material would seem to fit pretty comfortably on a Burzum album given its conduciveness to drawing images of "Lord Of The Rings" style fantasy. But then there's also an early 80's new wave element to the overthetop synthesizer tones given that they often lack subtlety & tip toe along the borderline of cheesiness. It poses the question "Does black metal need to have guitars & black metal instrumentation?" I would suggest that the answer is YES & my inclination is to go with a YES on this Hall of Judgement entry as a result but I can't say that it's a unanimous decision as I can see the argument for going to other way too. Perhaps placing "The Ashes of Light" under Non-Metal but still allowing it into The North is a fair compromise. I'm not sure if that would cause any logistical issues but it's worth considering.

As for the album's quality, I can't say I agree with Sonny on that. If you can allow yourself to accept the musical direction that Lustre have taken then you might find that "The Ashes of Light" has a certain charm to it. It's glistening, lush, majestic & ethereal but will certainly alienate many extreme metal fans given its generally positive & uplifting tone. I don't mind some of the better New Age releases though & have even been known to thoroughly enjoy it in conjunction with a professional massage on occasion so I would guess that I'm more open to this sort of record than most grim & frostbitten black metal fans. It's disappointing that I couldn't find any pictures of corpse-painted black metallers receiving massages to post in the Hall of Judgement thread though as I would have thought someone would surely have pasted Abbath into that sort of scene at some point. I guess that fact alone tells us that this release is tailored towards a fairly niche market.

For fans of Burzum, Midnight Odyssey & Eldamar.


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