Destruction - Born to Perish (2019)Release ID: 12011

Destruction - Born to Perish (2019) Cover
Sonny Sonny / December 17, 2019 / Comments 0 / 0

How does a band as long-lived as Destruction manage to keep things interesting within the tight confines of a genre such as Thrash Metal without alienating their existing fanbase? Well, as you doubtless know, the majority are unable to walk this tightrope successfully and Destruction are no exception. Whilst occasionally hinting at bygone day's glories, this is far more often a fairly tame affair, verging on downright boring as the songs melt into each other without ever grabbing the attention of the listener - an unforgivable sin for a thrash album. Let's be honest, 35 years is a longtime to be doing anything and Destruction sound like a band running on rails. Guess it's back to Eternal Devastation for me.