The Hall of Judgement: Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin kynsi

Daniel has requested that this release be submitted into the Hall of Judgement. If you agree with the below change request, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

Request: Oranssi Pazuzu's Mestarin kynsi should have the Avant-Garde Metal genre removed, while retaining the Black Metal genre.

This change would remove the release from The Infinite while it would remain in The North. Note that there is a separate Hall request to add the Post Metal genre to the release, which would put it back in The Infinite.

Member Comment: "I'd argue that Mestarin kynsi isn't an avant-garde metal release & therefore should have that genre tag removed. There's no doubt that Oranssi Pazuzu have achieved a highly original sound here but the avant-garde metal tag usually refers to releases that have an inherent weirdness about them that I don't hear on Mestarin kynsi."

NOTE: Only members of The Infinite and/or The North can vote on this judgement. Once 15 votes of Yes or No have been entered, the Hall will make its judgement.

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The Hall of Judgement: Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin kynsi Cover