The Hall of Judgement: Voivod - Phobos

shadowdoom9 has requested that this release be submitted into the Hall of Judgement. If you agree with the below change request, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

Request: Voivod's Phobos should be removed from The Sphere while remaining in The Infinite and The Pit.

This change would remove the Industrial Metal genre, while keeping the Progressive Metal and Thrash Metal genres.

Member Comment: "I was shocked by Voivod's Phobos having been placed in The Sphere. This is not Ministry, this is not Rammstein. There are electronics galore but is it really that industrial? There is only a slight background amount of industrial, similar to Paradise Lost's Symbol of Life. With that, I'd like to submit Voivod's Phobos with the proposal of being removed from The Sphere."

NOTE: Only members of The Infinite, The Pit and/or The Sphere can vote on this judgement. Once 15 votes of Yes or No have been entered, the Hall will make its judgement.

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The Hall of Judgement: Voivod - Phobos Cover